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St. Christopher - 9G - FTN Bahrain

St. Christopher Students – 9-G

9G were the next St Chris Senior School students to visit the A’Ali fridge as part of their Enrichment project. Our wonderful bus driver, Mr Afzal, helped them to spread the word around the neighbourhood. Lots of migrant workers turned up to make the most of the full fridge. The students found the trip very rewarding!

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Food Wastage

Food wastage is as high as 55%. We often waste more than it would take to feed every person on the planet.

Think. Be a smart shopper and think about what you are buying and when it will be eaten. Wasting food is often a subconscious act – become aware of how much food you throw away. Plan meals and use shopping lists. Bring your leftovers home from restaurants in reusable containers. Read More