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Feed the Need - Stop Wastage

Food Wastage

Food wastage is as high as 55%. We often waste more than it would take to feed every person on the planet.

Think. Be a smart shopper and think about what you are buying and when it will be eaten. Wasting food is often a subconscious act – become aware of how much food you throw away. Plan meals and use shopping lists. Bring your leftovers home from restaurants in reusable containers. Read More

Feed the need bahrain - Arab News

Making an impact in Bahrain for food saving.

Change for the better….and our volunteers have been leading the way for two years ❤ making an impact here in Bahrain.

Food-saving Panels soon
Arab News published article :
Pic Courtesy : Arab News

Feed the need Bahrain - Spead Awareness

Spreading awareness with monthly events

Feed the Need Bahrain is aiming to have an event every month for 2016.
Please contact us if you, your company, your school, your social group or sports group would like to be involved in spreading awareness and helping us help others here in Bahrain.
We have January and February planned……lets see what ideas we can have for March!
Message us at


New Year – Compound Kids Collection

Karina Bell’s compound kids have helped collect for Feed the Need. Yippy! How’s your compound’s or neighborhood’s food drive going?? Let’s get these fridges filled by today to help someone in need start the new year off right! It will also help us get off on the right foot, too. smile emoticon #feedtheneedspreadthelove — with Claranits Maria Melo Romano, Dannely Romano Medala Ghana, Caonabo M. Melo Beltre and Caonex De Jesus Melo Romano.


New Year Donation – Hamala Beach Compound Resident

The Demestan fridge at Reezaie Grills has been filled thanks to the contributions from residents at Hamala Beach compound. Thanks to everyone in the compound who helped collect and donated from their kitchens!! Great food at Reezaie, by the way!

Celebrating New Year’s Day.


Feed The Need Enrichment Project

This term, students in Year 7 began a new community service project during their Enrichment lessons. The Feed The Need Enrichment project has been launched at the Senior School and will involve every tutor group in Years 7-9 throughout the school year. Every week, during Enrichment, one tutor group will visit and fill a nearby ‘Feed The Need’ fridge with non-perishable foods. Read More