About Us - Feed the Need

Feed the Need is a local charity dedicated to offering food to the local communities in Bahrain. By installing 19 fridges around Bahrain including Hamala, Adilya and Saar, to name a few, people are able to fill the fridges with food such as rice, milk, cheese, bread, fresh fruit and canned goods to feed hundreds of poor families and labourers in Bahrain.

Feed the Need Bahrain is a group of like-minded volunteers who love the fact that 100% of their donations, that is food goes to those in need. Nothing is taken in administration or cash payments, simply people give food and those in need use it.  A simple idea for a beautiful country.

Feed the Need – Spread the love.

Who we are?

Michelle Bailey, an Australian business woman has called Bahrain home for 11 years.  She met her British husband here, married here and has two children.

Michelle has been a Coach, Case Manager and Business owner in Australia and the Middle East for 25 years. She has 15 years experience working with the Australian Government and Welfare sectors in Australia and 11 years consultancy in the Middle East.  Her Psychology and Business training have equipped her well for work with NGOs and Ministries.  She is happy to call Bahrain home.

The beginning: In May 2014 Michelle saw a man had placed a refrigerator outside his home in Saudi Arabia to offer free food to the needy.  She posted the article on Facebook and many of her friends agreed it was a wonderful gesture.  Let’s do it here in Bahrain she suggested!

Since then over 8000 people have joined the Feed the Need Bahrain Facebook page and 20 fridges have been placed around the country.  Kind hearted souls donate grocery items to the fridges whenever they can and those in need make great use of this generosity.


Events are arranged by schools and companies to encourage participation, fun and raise money to purchase food.  Families are at the core of our cause, families helping families and spreading the love.

What we do?

Feed the Need Bahrain provides free food for those in need, those unemployed or without money to purchase food.  Families donate grocery items into our fridges and those in need can help themselves!


We aim to alleviate hunger and spread the love of human kindness to those in need in Bahrain.